Quicksilver celebrates 30 years cruising to Low Isles

Quicksilver is celebrating a major milestone of 30 years since commencing the first cruise to the idyllic Low Isles in 1979.

Throughout the decades, our modes of transport to the island (and even sarong styles!) have changed, as seen in some of the earlier photos, but the appeal and natural beauty of this picturesque coral island remains unchanged. Quicksilver’s 30 metre luxury sailing catamaran, Wavedancer, sets sail daily from Port Douglas to Low Isles where guest numbers are limited and a host of reef activities await.

We’ve always known this is a special island and in June 2008, Low Isles and its historic lighthouse were formally registered on the Commonwealth Heritage List in recognition of their place in Australia’s cultural and Indigenous heritage. This is a first for the Great Barrier Reef, and is very significant as it is the first time one location has received a dual listing for both Indigenous history and Australian cultural heritage.

Quicksilver’s marine biologists travel to Low Isles every day to inform, educate and bring to life the history of the island. Guests can join a marine biologist guided beach walk to learn about the unique marine life living at the waters edge and then follow the heritage trail through the island and see the historic lighthouse. A marine biologist guided snorkel tour to view the reef with informed eyes is also included.

If you’d like to learn more about Low Isles and its fascinating history, visit our Quicksilver Cruises website http://www.quicksilver-cruises.com/wavedancer.htm

Pictured Below is an old Low Isles brochure circa 1980s

Low Isles Brochure