Fuel for the Future

Biodegradable FuelSetting another benchmark in environmentally sustainable practices, Quicksilver has introduced biodiesel fuel on its fleet of coaches. Initially introduced onto two coaches, a 53 and 57 seater, this cleaner, non-toxic and biodegradable fuel will be rolled out to our fleet of 10 coaches over the next few months. The trail is being run in conjunction with Trinity Petroleum.

Tony Baker, Managing Director of the Quicksilver Group said, “This is one of a suite of initiatives we are looking at to reduce our carbon footprint, and challenge ourselves to become a more environmentally friendly organisation. Quicksilver has been certified as a “Climate Action Innovator” meaning we are proactively undertaking adaptions and emissions reduction, and auditing and measuring our carbon footprint.”

Doug Baird, the Group’s Environmental and Compliance Manager indicated “The Quicksilver Group is committed to the environment and using biodiesel in our fuel mix is one of these initiatives. Our coach fleet is a critical component of our operation and the introduction of biodiesel is part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable environmental practices.”

The Quicksilver Group has achieved Advanced Eco Tourism Accreditation and we hope that by travelling with us our guests will become ambassadors for future conservation of the reef.