Farewell to our Reef Prince

In early July, Quicksilver Group Managing Director Tony Baker announced the sale of Great Adventures' vessel Reef Prince. Reef Prince was purchased as a new state-of-the-art vessel in 1995 and has been a key part of Great Adventures fleet ever since. Over the past 16 years she had travelled to the Great Barrier Reef and Green Island over 4,800 times to showcase the amazing underwater world to our visitors.

Ed Burrows who has been a skipper at Great Adventures for 20 years steered her on her final journey back to Cairns from Green Island for the 1,481st and final occasion as master of Reef Prince. While Ed is sad to see Reef Prince depart, he knows that the next Great Adventures vessel will bring with it newer technology that will make our customers day at the reef even more enjoyable.

Tony Baker said "The sale of Reef Prince will allow us to look at a new vessel that will be more fuel efficient, environmentally friendly with newer technologies and better suited to a changing tourism market in regards to size, flexibility and capabilities. We look forward to introducing a new vessel into our Cairns fleet in the near future."

Ed Burrows final entry into the Ship's Log was a poem;

Goodbye old friend
May all your winds be fair and aft of the beam
Suns rise in blue skies and set in red
Your horizons be clear and shores friendly
Your anchorages safe and secure
Fare thee well!

The Reef Prince