Olympic Memories

With the London Olympic Games fever and torch relay underway, memories of our own involvement with the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games are unforgettable. In a world first, Quicksilver proudly carried the Olympic Torch on an underwater journey at Agincourt Reef on the magnificent Great Barrier Reef, 27 June 2000 in the torch relay for the Sydney Game.

The torch was carried aboard wavepiercing catamaran Quicksilver VIII and then underwater to the coral reefs by marine biologist Wendy Craig-Duncan. Ms Craig-Duncan, then Quicksilver staffer who had helped establish our Reef Biosearch division, said the globally televised dive facilitated continued protection of the reef environs by raising awareness of the beauty of the world heritage-listed asset. All environmental best practise issues were taken into account in the preparation leading up to the torch's underwater journey. 

Olympic torch carried by Quicksilver Cruises in 2000.