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Quicksilver Group salutes the Local Cabbies

The Quicksilver Group have invited the local Black and White cabbies to hot cooked breakfast on the Esplanade on Wednesday 25th August.

With 137 taxis covering the Cairns region, cabbies in many respects are the face of the community.  Often the taxi drivers are the first people our visitors meet when they arrive on holidays and the last as they leave, making our cab drivers a key link in making sure our visitors receive a warm tropical welcome.

Pictured are Alicia Drake, Peter Wallwork and Ramona Cuda

Quicksilver Group, Group Manager Media, Megan Bell said, “ we have been doing these over a number of years and it is a way of saying thank you to the cabbies for being great ambassadors for the city.  We also offer them a reef trip to help them experience the destination so when talking to passengers, the driver’s feel comfortable and knowledgeable of the destination.

Chris Simmons, Fleet Services Manager Black and White Taxis said, “The drivers will really appreciate the breakfast and the generosity of the Quicksilver Group which makes them feel appreciated and an integral part of the tourism industry.”