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Matilda the Turtle Tracks back to Green Island

Matilda, a Hawksbill sea turtle is becoming a frequent traveler on Great Adventures Cruises to Green Island. The Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre and Great Adventures will release Matilda for a second time into her home waters of Green Island on Thursday 17th.

In May 2010, the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre and Great Adventures released Matilda into the waters around Green Island after being in rehabilitation for 19 months. Matilda was the first turtle on the Far North East Coast of Australia to have a satellite tracking device attached to her back which has given a fascinating insight into turtles in the wild.

Jennie Gilbert turtle researcher from CRTC and James Cook University and in collaboration with DERM said “The trackers normally only last 12-18 months, but Matilda has now been tracked for 2 years and 8 months. The tracking device has enabled us to see how turtles live in the region and to see how and where they travel once released back into the wild. Matilda has being having a wonderful time and has travelled 4,707 kms sight seeing the underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef. She stays around Green Island, visits other reefs and then comes back to Green Island. She has been back with us for 3 months as we thought she was looking a bit skinny.”

Quicksilver Group Managing Director, Tony Baker said “Green Island is a natural habitat for turtles and Great Adventures is pleased to assist with the wonderful work by CTRC a not for profit organization. Their work is vital for assisting sick and injured turtles back into the wild and making sure these turtles find a way home. It’s amazing from the research of her tracker she swims on average over 5 kms every day. We hope Matilda enjoys getting back to her life around Green Island.”

The wider community can track Matilda and become part of her journey by accessing www.seaturtle.org

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