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Bob Norman 95 years old with Social Visitor Mia Lacy

Through his eyes, Bob Horman’s seen most of the wonders of the world in his 95 years, but he had yet to see the one at his doorstep.

After having surgery for cataracts earlier this year, the sprightly retiree from Atherton had a yen to see The Great Barrier Reef and last week had the experience of a lifetime on a Quicksilver day cruise to the platform at Agincourt Reef with a personal tour guide from elder visiting service, Social Visitor.

Social Visitor founder Mia Lacy explained “We added surgery assistance to the suite of services we offer earlier this year. I first met Bob when we did a surgery assist for him during his cataract operations here in Cairns. Bob’s an avid traveller and we got on very well. When he said he’d like to see the reef with his newly enhanced eyesight, we organised an escorted trip for him to Agincourt. We chose this because of the semi-submersibles and the underwater observatory there as its easy to see the reef in all its majesty without getting wet,” explained Ms Lacy.

Bob Horman quotes:
“We did it in style – we even went on a day which looked just like the brochure Mia had sent me. Even as a nature lover, I really had no concept of the enormity of the underwater reef environment. To look out of the semi-submersible and see a magnificent gorge beneath the water was just phenomenal. It’s like something you’d expect to see in a forest, where I’m used to walking, and yet it’s under the sea.

“I’d always wanted to see The Great Barrier Reef one day and it lived up to all my expectations. The friendliness of the staff and the smoothness of the operation was astounding to me. The movement of all the people between the phases of activity during the day – from the snorkelling to the dining to semi-submersibles – it was a seamless perambulation, I thought.”

Bob Norman 95 years old with Social Visitor Mia Lacy visits Agincourt Reef