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Green Island Resort COVID-19 Safe Measures

Last updated: 1st Jul, 2021

Green Island Resort is committed to ensuring your health and safety at all times. Both our Resort facility and transfer vessel have COVID Safe Plans to minimise any potential risks so you can enjoy your Great Barrier Reef experience in confidence. For your assurance, an overview of measures and additional precautions in place include the following.

Check in Qld App
For vessel transfers, Great Adventures are using the Check In Qld app to help keep you COVID safe during your visit. It’s free, quick and easy to use.

If you don't already have the app, before your day of travel:
When you board the transfer vessels
  • open the app on your phone
  • select ‘Check in Now’ and scan or enter our QR code.
General measures implemented as mandatory include:
  • All persons must sanitise hands on boarding (hand sanitiser will be provided).
  • All customers will be asked to complete a health questionnaire prior to check-in (for vessel transfer) in Cairns.
  • Customers, staff and contractors will also be asked to provide a verbal declaration when boarding our transfer vessel.
  • Unwell persons are not permitted to travel (see Customer Pre-screening)
  • Transfer vessel numbers are limited  in line with current Government directions.
  • Cashless transactions are preferred during your stay with us.
  • Hand sanitising and hand wash stations are provided throughout vessels and at the Resort.
  • Staff training and awareness of COVID safe practices.
Customer Pre-screening
  • For the safety of all customers and staff, if you are displaying cold and flu-like symptoms potentially consistent with COVID-19, you MUST NOT travel to the Resort. COVID-19 symptoms include cough, fever, sore throat, fatigue and shortness of breath. Please refer to our cancellation policy or contact one of our Reservations team for assistance.
  • Green Island Resort has the right to decline a booking should customers refuse to comply with the conditions of COVID safe practices.
The Australian Government advises that the following people are most ‘at risk’:
  • aged over 70 
  • aged over 65 with a material medical condition
  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander aged over 50 with a material medical condition
  • people with material medical conditions 
  • people who are immuno-compromised
Staff Screening

  • All staff are aware that they MUST NOT attend work if they have any symptoms potentially consistent with COVID-19.
  • Staff screening will be undertaken prior to commencement of each work day.

Social Distancing
  • Onboard our transfer vessels, seating capacity has been limited in line with current Government directions.
  • Partners/family units (ie with the same residential address) will be managed as equivalent to one individual. As with individuals, each family unit will be required to maintain appropriate social distancing from individuals who are not part of their direct family unit.
Food Service
  • Modification have been made to our meal service to comply with food service requirements. Self-service buffets are now available complying with food safety regulations.
  • Restaurant Service: Seating will be in accordance with social spacing guidelines.
Cleaning & Hygiene - Additional COVID-19 measures:
  • Customers and staff will be provided access to hand sanitisers.
  • Additional cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces and public washroom facilities will be completed throughout your visit with us.
  • Dive and snorkel equipment: As per normal practice, all equipment is sanitised with approved disinfectant after each use.
  • Additional hygiene and social distancing signage has been installed.

These general guidelines are in compliance with Queensland Health and Australian Government Department of Health current recommendations, and the Queensland Tourism Industry Council (QTIC) COVID Safe Plan. Advice will be amended in accordance with the most up to date recommendations.

Safe travels and we look forward to welcoming you to experience the beauty of Green Island and the Great Barrier Reef soon.
For further Information
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our team at [email protected]