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Quicksilver Group respects the privacy of all individuals. Quicksilver Group is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and staff and to ensuring that all staff involved in collection or storing of personal information comply at all times with our obligations under The Privacy Act 1988 (privacy Act) and the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Privacy Act is an Australian law which regulates the handling of personal information about individuals. This includes the collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information, and access to and correction of that information. The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) regulate the handling of personal information. The 13 APPs are contained in schedule 1 of the Privacy Act and can be accessed in the link below.

The GDPR replaces the 1995 Data protection Directive and is a regulation on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA). It also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU and EEA. A copy of the GDPR can also be accessed on the below link and is deemed incorporated by reference in the Quicksilver Group Privacy Statement whether or not they are specifically referred to in our Quicksilver Group Privacy Statement.


1. Quicksilver Group is committed to protecting the privacy of our customers and abides by the Australian Privacy principles (APPs) (attachment A) and GDPR.
2. Quicksilver Group will only collect, by lawful means and with the consent of our customers, information needed to effectively perform its services, functions or activities.
3. Quicksilver Group collect and holds the following information about its customers:
Email address
Phone numbers
Physical address
Bank account details
4. Quicksilver Group collects and holds customer personal information electronically and in a physical form for seven (7) years. After seven (7) years Quicksilver Group will dispose of the information.
5. A customer may complain about Quicksilver Group’s collection, use, retention and disposal of personal information by contacting Quicksilver Group and registering the complaint. If Quicksilver Group does not respond within 30 days then a complaint may be made to the Australian Information commissioner.
6. Quicksilver Group will not disclose any personal information it collects or holds to overseas recipients.
7. Quicksilver Group must, if requested, by the data subject (customer) rectify any inaccurate personal data concerning him or her.
8. Quicksilver Group must erase (if requested by the data subject) personal information of the data subject if it is no longer necessary to hold the information or if the data subject withdraws consent to the holding of the information.
9. Quicksilver Group will not use or disclose any personal information collected about its customers other than for the primary purpose for which it has been provided.
10. Quicksilver Group will not use, sell or disclose any personal information for any other purpose without consent unless required or authorised to do so or is bound to do so by law.
11. Quicksilver Group will ensure the information provider is informed of the purpose for which the information is required and that the information gathered is correct and up to date both at the time of collection and before use.
12. Quicksilver Group will make every effort to protect the personal information held from misuse and loss and from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
13. Quicksilver Group will grant access to a person’s records that contain their personal information upon request. If an individual asks, Quicksilver Group will let them know, what sort of personal information is held, what purposes it is held for and how it was collected, used and disclosed.
14. Quicksilver Group will take appropriate steps to destroy or permanently de-identify personal information if no longer needed for any purpose it was collected for, on a request basis.
15. Quicksilver Group will take appropriate steps to facilitate individual data portability requests.
16. Quicksilver Group is committed to updating systems regularly to ensure ongoing security of data.


A Australian Privacy Principles
B European General Data Protection Regulation

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