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Quicksilver Group continues its food aid with OzHarvest

17th of April 2019
Quicksilver Group continues its food aid with OzHarvest

A year ago, Great Adventures initiated what was a first for the Cairns’ Reef Tourism Industry. In the last 12 months, the pilot program with Ozharvest has been a major success between the two companies with the food rescue organisation currently collecting from three of the Quicksilver Group’s Cairns vessels, Great Adventures, Ocean Spirit and Silverswift. 

The program has enabled the company to put forth the inevitably excess food at the end of the day towards a charitable option, rather than creating waste. Collection from the three vessels has been able to provide a total of 15,000 meals, which OzHarvest has distributed between the 23 agencies they supply in the Cairns region. 

Quicksilver Group Managing Director Tony Baker said, “The last year has seen a substantial number of meals come forth from the remaining food left after the days run on our vessels. Quicksilver group is very proud of their contribution with Ozharvest along with the positive impact this program has for the local community, the outcome has been very rewarding.”

All OzHarvest rescue food providers are assessed for safe food handling and risk minimisation practices.