Issue # 121, 2012

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We've had a very royal time in Cairns and Port Douglas recently with visits from the classically styled luxury Cunard Liners Queen Mary 2 and Queen Elizabeth. We were delighted to provide Outer Reef Cruises and ship to shore transfer services for their guests, as well as a wonderful sightseeing cruise for locals to view the magnificent QE up close and personal as she dropped anchor off Port Douglas.

In other news, we've had an early start to whale sightings with passengers and crew aboard our Silversonic dive and snorkel vessel delighted to see a rare mother and baby Sei Whale. Meanwhile, Matilda the Hawksbill turtle, released at Green Island nearly 2 years ago with a satellite tracking device is still waltzing the Reef!

Enjoy a break with our latest Quickies!

With warm tropical wishes from the Quicksilver Group Crew.


T-QUAL Tick - Australian Tourism Quality Assured


Along with our Advanced Ecotourism and Climate Action Certification, the T-QUAL Tick further identifies our leading reef operations as quality Australian tourism products.

The new TQUAL Accreditation is the Australian Government’s partnership with quality tourism accreditation, rating and certification programs, setting the national benchmark for quality across the tourism industry. 

Quicksilver’s Outer Reef and Low Isles Cruises, Great Adventures Reef and Green Island Cruises, Silversonic and Silverswift Dive and Snorkel Adventures, Pro Dive Cairns and Green Island Resort are all licenced with TQUAL Accreditation.

Scholarships invest in the next generation


Our Quicksilver Connections scholarship program, now in its second year has seen an additional six children of employees assisted financially as they embark on full time study for their university degrees.

A wonderful initiative of Mr Shin Watari, Chairman and owner of Quicksilver, his vision is to assist employees with the cost of university education for their children. » Read More

Mother and baby Sei Whale sighted by Silversonic

Sei Whale

Passengers and crew aboard our Port Douglas-based dive and snorkel vessel Silversonic were excited to see a mother and baby Sei Whale on the homeward journey from the reef. » Read More

Matilda still waltzing the Reef

Matilda TurtleMatilda the Hawksbill turtle became a marine celebrity when she was released into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef at Green Island nearly 2 years ago, being the first turtle in our region to be fitted with a satellite tracking device. And she is still calling Green Island home! » Read More

More ways to enjoy the reef! Snorkel with our Marine Biologists

Marine Biology ToursOne of the great optional activities available with Quicksilver's Outer Reef Cruise is a marine biologist guided snorkel tour. Our team of university qualified marine biologists conduct educational and interpretive snorkel tours daily at the Outer Barrier Reef where guests can learn so much more about the wonders of this fragile ecosystem. » Read More

Underwater Scooter a novel way to have a Great Adventure

miss universe

What's yellow, has a top speed of 2.5 knots and is a whole lot of fun? It's Scuba Doo of course! An optional activity only available at Great Adventures outer reef platform, Scuba Doo underwater scooter is a unique and popular way for non-swimmers, or those not quite sure about scuba diving, to experience the underwater wonders of the reef up close and personal. » Read More

Earth Hour

earth hour cairns

Candlelit dinners and stargazing will be on the menu at Green Island Resort on March 31 in support of Earth Day when non-essential lighting is switched off for one hour. Across the Quicksilver Group, we will be supporting this WWF global initiative by turning off all non-essential lighting across our operations, while at home, many staff will be joining the cause too by 'switching off'.

Wavedancer's picture perfect Aussie Day

Aussie flags and shirts and of course delicious lamingtons were all part of the Australia Day celebrations aboard our Wavedancer Low Isles sailing cruise. With the Australian flag flying proudly, crew ditched their regular uniforms to don special Aussie day uniforms to embrace and share the day with our passengers.

Michael Healy, Group Director Sales and Marketing said, “It was an opportunity to highlight this significant day and for our passengers to feel a part of the day – especially our international guests.  One of our passengers arrived in tip to toe Aussie gear, which was fantastic.”

Quicksilver team takes on the XVenture Corporate Challenge!

Corporate Challenge

Action, adventure and triumphs a plenty! Congratulations to our fantastic Quicksilver Cruises team on a wonderful effort in the inaugural XVenture Corporate Challenge Cairns that recently screened on Australian TV.
» Read More

Mobile friendly websites

MobilesiteWith the ever increasing number of people accessing websites over their smart phones, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our mobile friendly websites.Mobilesite

At the Movies at Green Island Resort

now showing

Guests staying at Green Island Resort now have access to free in-house movies following the installation of the new Movielink service. With the new service, 24 latest title movies play per month with new titles added each month.


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Great Adventures Green Island Family Day

Green Island Family Day 2012

Great Adventures annual community event, the Green Island Family Day is set for Sunday 24 June. Cairns locals are invited to enjoy discounted fares and a day of tropical island fun – including a Pirate's Treasure Hunt through the island for the kids! The day also raises funds for local charities and organisations such as the Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre. To join in the Family Day fun, contact Great Adventures on 4044 9944 for bookings or more information.

Ukuleles on Low Isles

cairn ukulele festival 2012

We're pleased to be supporting the Cairns Ukulele Festival again and this year the uke afficianados are heading to Low Isles! Quicksilver's Wavedancer Low Isles cruise will host ukulele jams and concerts by two international ukulele artists on 5 July 2012. More information at http://cairnsukulelefestival.net/

Great Adventures Green Island Ocean Swim

Ocean Swim 2012

Our annual Great Adventures Green Island Ocean Swim, now in its 7th year, is scheduled for September. Time to get into training for the 1.5km and 3km swims! Stay tuned for date confirmation.





Cuttlefish are well known for spectacular colour and skin texture changes which can indicate their mood. Cuttlefish have a relatively short lifespan of approximately 18 months. This is due to their unusual circulatory system which involves three hearts and copper-based green blood (as opposed to iron). This system requires so much energy that the cuttlefish literally wears out after 18 months of living.

Cuttlefish have eight arms and two tentacles. When feeding upon crustaceans and fish, two tentacles quickly snatch the prey, which is then drawn up towards a beak-like mouth beneath the arms. The cuttle bone, well known by beach goers, is a porous internal structure used to control its buoyancy.

   Footage taken at Agincourt Reef courtesy of Carl Chapman.

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We'd like to introduce you to�

Tim Richards
We're pleased to introduce you to Tim Richards, our new Quicksilver Sales Executive for Cairns and Northern Beaches. Tim can be contacted on 04 0227 0128 or [email protected]


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Postcard.... to Silverswift

SilverswiftThe Silverswift crew were absolutely amazing and extremely helpful. Overall the service was great. I did two certified dives and one snorkel. The dive guide Mex, was fantastic. He gave us a very thorough briefing before and after the dives and was helpful through the entire day. I would highly recommend this tour for divers and snorkellers alike!

Jennifer, Belfast


Green Island Observatory
  • Green Island's historic underwater observatory has been closed until further notice. Parasailing services from Green Island are also unavailable until further notice.

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