Scholarships invest in the next generation

Our Quicksilver Connections scholarship program, now in its second year has seen an additional six children of employees assisted financially as they embark on full time study for their university degrees.

A wonderful initiative of Mr Shin Watari, Chairman and owner of Quicksilver, his vision is to assist employees with the cost of university education for their children.

Mr Watari said, “I consider our staff to be our greatest asset and the program was initiated after speaking with one of our managers last year about the cost involved in sending his son to university. I realised just what a commitment it was for a family and wanted to do something to help. In setting up the scholarship last year, we were able to assist three existing students and four new students last year. This year, an additional six students have joined the program.

Each student is initially presented with $1,000.  If they achieve a credit average, they will receive an additional $1,000 each semester with additional bonuses should they receive higher grades for individual subjects.

It is impressive that the parents of these six new scholarship children have worked for our company for a total of 77 years in positions ranging from reservations, skipper to a dive technician, with two of the children not even born when their parent started working for Quicksilver and Great Adventures.

Tony Baker, Managing Director, Quicksilver Group said, “This has been a wonderful initiative by Shin Watari who believes that providing children with the opportunity of higher education is very important.  Today, education can open up many opportunities and the young adults who are part of our program will be studying diverse degrees from Medicine and Surgery, Engineering, Social Work and Pharmacy. Our scholarship program will continue to be an ongoing commitment and we look forward to welcoming more students in the coming years.”

Back row: Hanna Burrows, Tony Baker MD Quicksilver Group, Rebecca Coxon, Lara Wickenton. Front row: James Baker, Sam Kramer, Joshua Goldsmith