Issue # 124, 2012

Welcome to our Summer issue of Quickies,

keeping you posted with some of our latest news and happenings.

What an exciting way end 2012! We've had the privilege of experiencing two of nature's spectacular shows, the Total Solar Eclipse and Coral Spawning on the Great Barrier Reef. Being acknowledged as the best Major Tour and Transport Operator at the prestigious Queensland Tourism Awards was certainly the icing on the cake!

As the year draws to a close, we'd like to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe festive season and a prosperous 2013.

In the meantime, enjoy a break with our latest Quickies!

With warm tropical wishes from the Quicksilver Group Crew.


Quicksilver Group is Queensland's Best Major Tour and Transport Operator!

Queensland Tourism Award

It's been a time to celebrate for the Quicksilver Group! It was a wonderful night of recognition at the prestigious 2012 Queensland Tourism Awards in being named the State's Best "Major Tour and Transport Operator", announced in Brisbane on 23 November.

Quicksilver Group Managing Director, Tony Baker said, "We're extremely proud to be acknowledged with this award for outstanding contribution to tourism, continued commitment to quality customer service, innovation and environmentally sustainable practices. » Read More

Total Solar Eclipse Thrills

Total Solar Eclipse 2012

After many years of planning and great anticipation, eclipse chasers from around the world and ‘first-timers’ witnessed the awesome total solar eclipse over the Great Barrier Reef Cairns and Port Douglas region on 14 November.

Once seen, it is easy to understand the passion of “umbraphiles” who travel the world to witness this mystical, astronomical event. At Green Island, in the direct path of the eclipse, visitors had front row, uninterrupted viewing for the duration.

View some amazing footage and images here�

Stunning Night Photography and Stargazing at Green Island Resort

It might be another 200 years until the next total solar eclipse is visible from Green Island, but guests can see this view under the Southern sky nightly. Join the activities officer for nightly stargazing sessions from 8pm.

Special thanks to Les and Mary Anderson, third time visitors to Green Island Resort, for sharing this magnificent photo with us.

Coral Spawning Night Dives with Silverswift

Coral Spawning Nightdives

With the festive season on the way, there was a different kind of "snowstorm" in the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef!

Described as an upside-down snowstorm as corals release millions of eggs into the warm water, adventurers aboard Silverswift's Night Dive excursions were able to combine the excitement of night diving with the dramatic and unique spectacle of witnessing coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef in early December. » Read More

Nitrox Diving now available with Pro Dive Cairns

Nitrox Diving

In an exciting new development for Pro Dive Cairns, Nitrox or Enriched air is now available on two of our Scubapro liveaboard vessels for suitably qualified divers or certified divers who wish to attain the necessary qualification to dive on this gas.

Nitrox is a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen (like normal atmospheric air is) in which the oxygen concentration is greater than that found in air. The commonly used mixture is 32% oxygen as opposed to the 20% in normal air. Simply put, this means safer and potentially longer dive times for anyone diving on this gas due to reduced nitrogen absorption compared to normal atmospheric air, which is especially attractive for older divers as well the experienced underwater adventurers including photographers and videographers. For more information please contact the Pro Dive Cairns team at [email protected]

Tropical Yoga!

Tropical Yoga

Guests at Green Island Resort can recharge body and mind with one of Arumi Day Spa's tropical yoga sessions. Everyone is welcome, from absolute beginners to experienced. You can book a private session with the Spa's qualified yoga teacher, or join a session on Saturday mornings from 9.30 � 10.30am. Just see reception for bookings.

Quicksilver Group Christmas Charity

Quicksilver Group Xmas Charity

In the spirit of giving, the Quicksilver Group is pleased to be once again supporting our local charities through our annual Quicksilver Group Christmas Charity Appeal. Now in its 9th year, the donations will provide some much needed food items and gifts to help make the festive season a little brighter for many people in need in our community. Sincere thanks to all of our industry colleagues, suppliers and friends who have contributed to assist our local charities of St Vincents de Paul, Uniting Care Community, The Salvation Army and the Douglas Community.

Russ's Snorkelling Tips

Russell Hore

Russell Hore, head of Quicksilver’s Reef Biosearch and our team of marine biologists has some great tips to help you get the most enjoyment from your snorkelling experience.

  • Always swim in buddy pairs – it’s a much safer option, and you have someone to share your amazing experiences with!
  • Never look directly down when snorkelling, or your snorkel may turn into a drinking straw!
  • Keep your face looking forward, and ensure your snorkel in slightly angled backwards, and this should keep your snorkel dry.

When you travel to the Outer Barrier Reef with Quicksilver, a great option to learn more about the reef and its magnificent inhabitants is to join our marine biologists for a guided snorkel tour.

Wavedancer ready to sparkle at Low Isles

Wavedancer Low Isles

Following her annual refit, our 30m (98ft) luxury sailing catamaran Wavedancer, is sparkling in tip top condition and setting sail for the idyllic Low Isles. A fully inclusive day with marine biologist guided snorkel and island tours, glass bottom boat viewing and a delicious buffet lunch, this is a wonderful day perfect for families, couples or those just wishing to relax under a thatched umbrella on a tropical Great Barrier Reef island!


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Ocean Swim on the Great Barrier Reef

Great Adventures Green Island Ocean Swim

Our annual Great Adventures Green Island Ocean Swim was a great day with nearly 100 swimmers taking to the water to compete in 1.5km and 3km distances in this unique Great Barrier Reef swim event in September. Olympic swimming champion, Shane Gould, proved to be a wonderful inspiration to the field of swimmers. Veteran Cairns swimmer, Thelma Bryan, aged 82 also continued to be an inspiration having competed successfully in the event since its inception in 2006. Full race results and photo are available here!

Christmas Day Feast on the Reef

Feast on the Reef

If you're looking for a truly tropical Christmas Day, what better way to celebrate than with a fantastic day trip to beautiful Green Island combined with a sumptuous buffet lunch at Green Island Resort! The chefs at our signature Emeralds Restaurant have created a wonderful menu full of traditional delights, fresh seasonal seafood and produce and decadent desserts for a very special Christmas Day buffet lunch.

For more information contact Great Adventures or check out the delicious menu here...


Colour and Fish

Passengers are forever making comments about the amazing colours of our tropical reef fish. From the brilliantly patterned wrasses, to the intricate markings of the juvenile angelfish, it is the one common topic that is discussed on the way back from a successful day on the reef. But why do these fishes have such varied patterns and colours?

One of the most important reasons is communication. With most fish lacking any form of vocalization, the only way to communicate is by sight. This is very important at breeding time, when many species are making good use of the water conditions (ie. right tides, right temperature, etc), and ensuring that they are mating with a fish of the same species. Some fish will drastically change colours when about to breed, such as blue-green chromis. These fish, normally blue-green as the name suggests, change to a dramatic yellow with a black vent when about to breed. Other fish have exotic patterns and colours on their fins, which they flash around when trying to woo a mate.

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We'd like to introduce you to�

Paul Cockrem
We're pleased to introduce you to Paul, our new Digital Sales Executive.

Paul can be contacted on (61 7) 4052 7833 or [email protected]



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Postcard.... to Great Adventures

Great Adventures Postcard Just a short note to thank you on behalf of our group for organizing such a wonderful Reef Tour for us! Everyone had the most amazing time on your cruise! For me it was definitely a highlight of my travels. It’s a wonderful set up with the pontoon and the add ons available were great and a lot of fun! The number of colourfish was unbelievable and to get to see some sea turtles was pretty special too! Your staff are a credit to your organisation and I'm sure everyone who went would recommend you to their friends. Thanks for such a great time!

Staff & Fans of the SKYCITY Breakers Basketball Team


  • Green Island Resort joins Soap Aid
    The eco-sensitive Green Island Resort is now participating in the "Soap Aid" program, an innovative charitable program that is collecting and reprocessing discarded soaps from hotels. Not only will this program prevent millions of pieces of discarded soap from going to landfills and contaminating fragile groundwater systems, it is aimed at saving lives as Soap Aid will address the lack of sanitation in third world countries and resulting disease. Your can learn more about Soap Aid here� http://www.soapaid.org/
  • Christmas Day Operations: The following cruises will be operating on Christmas Day:
    - Quicksilver Outer Reef Cruise.
    - Great Adventures: Great Barrier Reef Adventure, Green Island & Great Barrier Reef Adventure, Green Island Eco Adventure and Green Island Discovery.

    Silverswift, Silversonic and Wavedancer will not be operating on Christmas Day.

  • TNQ Ultimate Adventure Crew Competition: We were delighted to provide a unique day of adventure on Green Island for TTNQ's Ultimate Adventure Crew Competition. Four lucky adventurers boarded Great Adventures fast catamaran for some island fun. A glass bottom boat tour, scrumptious lunch at Emerald Restaurant followed by a swim in the clear blue waters with green turtles, kayaking and lazing on the beach!
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