Total Solar Eclipse Thrills!

After many years of planning and great anticipation, eclipse chasers from around the world and ‘first-timers’ witnessed the awesome total solar eclipse over the Great Barrier Reef Cairns and Port Douglas region on 14 November.

Once seen, it is easy to understand the passion of “umbraphiles” who travel the world to witness this mystical, astronomical event. At Green Island, in the direct path of the eclipse, visitors had front row, uninterrupted viewing for the duration.

Dennis Mammana, Night Sky Photographer and Astronomer said on Green Island, “Total eclipses are unlike anything else on this planet. You experience one and it’s totally addictive, this is my 14th. It was just superb, beautiful, one of the best...”

Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer Seti Institute in California said enthusiastically, “It’s generally said that God put all the interesting astronomy in the southern hemisphere and all the astronomers in the northern hemisphere. Well this time again he has favoured the southern hemisphere! This was a fantastic eclipse… truly incredible.”

In addition to Green Island, visitors joined a special early morning Wavedancer cruise from Port Douglas while Pro Dive Cairns’ special eclipse liveaboard experience combined this special event with some spectacular scuba diving on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.