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New Marine Biologist educational and sustainability activities

12th of October 2023
New Marine Biologist educational and sustainability activities

The Quicksilver Group’s Reef Biosearch (Cairns) team of marine biologists have introduced a range of complimentary Great Barrier Reef educational activities for guests at Green Island Resort and Pro Dive Cairns liveaboard dive trips.

On Green Island

With the introduction of two guided eco tours, guests at Green Island Resort are now gaining a new insight into the island’s wildlife, sustainability and conservation, complementing their island holiday. 

From an “eco clean and green walk” to a “reef resilience glass bottom boat tour”, the complimentary eco tours led by a Reef Biosearch marine biologist form part of the resort’s educational and guest activity programme highlighting sustainability initiatives.

The eco walk sees guests equipped with an innovative Little Hero Beach Hand Bin developed by Tangaroa Blue. Following the rainforest boardwalk to the island’s southern shores, guests learn about the island’s fascinating history, biology and ecology while helping to keep the island free from marine debris and litter.

“It’s a great way to raise awareness, remove potential threats to marine life and collect valuable data,“ said Phil Coulthard Cairns’ Reef Biosearch Manager.

The glass bottom boat Reef Resilience tour gives an insight into the health of, and caring for the Great Barrier Reef, including a coral restoration project being undertaken at an island dive and snorkel site. 

“Guests have been very interested to learn about threats, monitoring and management of the Reef. When they go for a snorkel or wade from the beach, they’re getting a whole new appreciation of what they’re seeing.”

The Green Island eco tours are currently conducted each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

At Pro Dive Cairns

Before heading off on their Great Barrier Reef liveaboard dive trip, Pro Dive Cairns customers are now benefitting from a complimentary marine biologist Reef Talk presentation.

“It’s a great way to learn about the reef and gain an appreciation of why it’s so special, and to get our customers ready for an amazing underwater experience with informed eyes.”

They gain a general understanding of the Great Barrier Reef’s ecology and biology, the fascinating marine life they may encounter and conservation initiatives of this remarkable World Heritage environment.

The Reef Talk presentations are conducted each Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evening.

Reef Biosearch: Combining tourism, education, conservation and research. Reef Biosearch is the Quicksilver Group’s pioneering environmental division of marine biologists. Founded in 1986, the team has over 20 university educated marine biologists who join our reef tours from Port Douglas and Cairns. This is the largest tourism based marine biology team operating on the GBR dedicated to educating guests about this magnificent watery wonderland.

Little Hero Beach Hand Bin: is an environmentally friendly device designed to collect and catch small litter to prevent it from ending up in the ocean and harming the marine environment. Developed by Tangaroa Blue Foundation, an Australia-wide not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the removal and prevention of marine debris, the device is made from sustainably sourced lightweight paper stock and designed to be reusable.