Quicksilver Group News

Who Am I

I have stayed for 21 years at my home, I have seen over 7,665 sunrises and sunsets, seen the calmness of the ocean and survived Mother Nature’s extremes and cyclones. I am home to and provide protection for an amazing array of sea life, I am held strong with 10 moorings with a combined weight of 300 tons.

I am Agincourt 3 reef activity platform and a pioneer of Great Barrier Reef and Queensland tourism. With 2 stories overlooking the reef and one below the water, at 50 metres long and weighing 120 tons I have left my home for the first time on the Great Barrier Reef and spent 30 hours being towed back to Cairns where I was designed and built. Here like lego, I will be pulled apart, and reassembled completely refurbished over the next 10 weeks before I return once again to Agincourt 3 Reef – my home.

Over the years I have had the privilege of welcoming over 2 million visitors who have used the platform to see, experience and explore the wonders under the sea. I have seen famous people, Presidents and world leaders, guide dogs and kids in prams who have used the platform as their gateway to the reef. I am why so many people from every part of the world have been able to experience the reef – I provide safety, an ease of access and facilities that have enabled swimmers and non-swimmers, divers and wheelchair bound travellers to explore and gain an understanding of the importance of the protection of this wonder. I also provide a base for important scientific research.

My best mate that visits me most days, the 45 metre wavepiercer Quicksilver VIII, is also having a major refurbishment.

Tony Baker, Managing Director, the Quicksilver Group said “Agincourt 3 platform is the largest platform on the GBR and our flagship. The refurbishment will be in excess of $750,000 along with the $1 million refurbishment of the iconic Quicksilver VIII, we will continue to invest in our products to enable our guests to enjoy a premium reef experience. The Quicksilver Group is committed to providing a range of reef experiences for travellers that come each day to enjoy and explore the wonders of the GBR. I am sure when Agincourt 3 platform returns home she will once again see the silence of the seas, watch whales breach and see the coral spawn as the Great Barrier Reef lives and breathes around her”.