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Environmental Accreditations

Environmental Stewardship

Quicksilver was one of Australia’s first ecotourism innovators, credited with helping to pave the way for responsible and sustainable tourism. Our long-term approach to conservation and sustainability began in an era before the term “ecotourism” was ever spawned and participated in Ecotourism Australia’s pilot accreditation scheme in 1996 in the development of this significant environmental program. Certified since 1997, Quicksilver is recognised in Ecotourism Australia’s Hall of Fame. 

  • Quicksilver was the first Great Barrier Reef company to gain Advanced Ecotourism, the highest eco certification attainable in Australia. This certification is regularly audited and we also have regular compliance site visits by officers of both the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA) and Queensland Parks Wildlife Service (QPWS). GBRMPA is the Australian federal government agency responsible for managing the Marine Park in association with QPWS.
  • We’ve held Climate Action accreditation since 2008.  What this means is that the company has proactively undertaken adaptations and emissions reduction, and is auditing and measuring our carbon footprint.
  • Quicksilver Group is also a Global Tourism Sustainable Council (GSTC) Approved tourism operator. The GSTC is an independent body that establishes and manages global standards for sustainability in travel and tourism. The GSTC Approval is assessed through Ecotourism Australia’s ECO certification program. 
  • The Quicksilver Group’s full range of Great Barrier Reef products are recognised as High Standard Operators by the GBRMPA. Through independent certification, Quicksilver Group is recognised for high standards which enhance environmental protection, reef resilience and tourism sustainability. As a result, our various operations have been granted long term, 15 year operational permits.